North Leigh Common

Anemone North Leigh Common

 Nature notes in the Parish – March/ April 2020

Luckily Nature is not locked down!!

On the Common

With a lovely dry spell spring has arrived with a rush and lots to be seen.

Flowers etc

Wood anenomies in profusion, violets and celandine, greater stitchwort, bugle, cowslips and primroses. Blackthorn blossom has been amazing in thicket “pockets”, wild apple blossom, pussy willow and a spattering of bluebells.

Round the parish - amazing wild cherry blossom in Holly Wood up near Wilcote where the bluebells have been at their best - quite early. Blackthorn blossom in hedgerows bodes well for sloes this autumn.


Around the common I have seen:-

Robin, Blackbird, blue tit, great tit, blackcaps, nuthatch, garden warbler, pair of treecreepers, jay, raven, buzzard, red kite, Song and Mistle Thrushes, wren - one building its nest in a hole in a tree –chaffinches, greenfinch, goldfinches and hedge sparrows, both lesser spotted and green woodpeckers.

Heard owls at night and seen one barn owl in fields down Green Lane.

First Swallow spotted at Field Farm on Easter Sunday morning – about a week early by my book.


Tortoiseshell, peacock, orange tip, brimstone, veined white, speckled wood, little blue and comma seen on the common, in my garden or at the allotments.


Hedgehog in Windmill heights!

Herd of c.40 fallow deer seen nr Holly Wood, early morning of Easter Sunday - one of them was completely white.

Rabbits on the common.

Harry St John




Apple Blossom